Florida Senator Tom Wright Allocates $3.8 Million for New CDL Training Facility in East-Central School District

The primary objective of the CDL training facility is to bridge the ongoing gap in the truck driver workforce by providing comprehensive training and skills development for aspiring truckers

Green-go Trucker 18/08/2023 Matthew Gossett (Green-go Trucker-Contributor)
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(Brevard Public Schools via Facebook) Florida state Sen. Tom Wright presents a check to Brevard County Public Schools officials that will go toward funding a commercial driver license training facility

In a bid to combat the pressing truck driver shortage in Florida and bolster the state's transportation workforce, Florida Senator Tom Wright has announced a significant step forward. Senator Wright recently presented a ceremonial check worth $3.8 million to fund the establishment of a state-of-the-art Commercial Driver's License (CDL) training facility within an east-central school district.

The pivotal meeting took place on August 1, bringing together key stakeholders from Brevard Public Schools, alongside officials from its adult education branch. Mark Rendell, the superintendent of the school district, and board members were among the prominent attendees at the event. Brevard Public Schools ranked as the 49th-largest school district in the United States and the 10th-largest in Florida, is stepping up to address the growing demand for skilled truck drivers in the industry.

The primary objective of the CDL training facility is to bridge the ongoing gap in the truck driver workforce by providing comprehensive training and skills development for aspiring truckers. The facility is scheduled to commence operations in June of the following year. Funding for this ambitious initiative has been secured from the state coffers, as a result of Senator Wright's dedicated efforts.

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Florida, currently ranking 3rd nationwide for the highest employment of heavy truck drivers, boasts a robust trucking industry with a staggering 99,490 job opportunities. The average annual wage for truck drivers in the state is reported to be $49,690, while the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area offers a slightly higher average of $51,210.

Brevard Public Schools, no stranger to CDL training endeavors, has previously benefited from grants dedicated to addressing the shortage of qualified truck drivers. This initiative is in alignment with Florida's overarching strategy to alleviate the truck driver shortage through strategic investments in education and workforce development.

Highlighting the state's commitment to this cause, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a grant of $8.2 million in September 2022. This grant aimed to facilitate the training of 1,200 new truck drivers across five state colleges. Furthermore, Governor DeSantis had previously awarded $2.3 million to support CDL and logistics training as part of a broader workforce and education program.

With the new CDL training facility poised to become a cornerstone of addressing Florida's truck driver shortage, stakeholders are optimistic about its potential to equip the state's workforce with the skills necessary for a thriving transportation industry. As Florida takes a proactive approach to closing the employment gap in the trucking sector, all eyes are on the imminent transformation this investment could bring to the state's economic landscape.

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