Veterans Bridging the Trucking Gap: H.R.2830 Aims to Pave the Way

Veterans bring an exceptional blend of skills and attributes to the trucking industry. They are renowned for their discipline, unwavering work ethic, and dedication

Green-go Trucker 21/10/2023 Matthew Gossett (The Green-Go Trucker)
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The heartbeat of our nation's economy is undoubtedly the trucking industry, responsible for the relentless transportation of goods from one coast to another. However, it faces a towering challenge - a dearth of qualified truck drivers. Astonishingly, as per the U.S. Census Bureau, only about 10% of truck drivers are military veterans.

Proposed Legislation Promises a Solution

To address this glaring issue, lawmakers have presented the H.R.2830 – Veteran Improvement Commercial Driver License Act of 2023. This legislative endeavor seeks to streamline the process for military veterans to obtain commercial driver licenses (CDLs) by allowing them to utilize their G.I. benefits immediately upon completing their military service.

Why Veterans Are a Valuable Asset in Trucking

Veterans bring an exceptional blend of skills and attributes to the trucking industry. They are renowned for their discipline, unwavering work ethic, and dedication. Just as they served our great nation, they thrive on hard work and are well-equipped to handle the challenges that the trucking profession brings.

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Insights from Veterans in Trucking

To gain a firsthand perspective, we engaged in a dialogue with Iraq war veteran and trucker, Marcia Luchenbill. She provided an enlightening glimpse into the world of veterans in trucking, emphasizing their dedication to getting the job done. Ernest McMiller, another military veteran trucker, highlighted how the demanding nature of trucking is strikingly reminiscent of military service, underscoring the fact that veterans are inherently suited for this profession.

Trucking Companies' Embrace of Veterans

Trucking companies are proactively scouting for veterans to join their workforce. For instance, David Valdivia, a veteran himself, is actively recruiting for Knight Transportation. He divulged that 16% of their drivers are military veterans, and they are on the hunt for more. Valdivia cited several compelling reasons why veterans are prized by trucking companies, including their unwavering stability, willingness to go the extra mile, and a conspicuous lack of complaints.

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Honoring Veterans in the Trucking Industry

Some trucking companies go above and beyond to honor veterans. Knight Transportation, for instance, adorns some of its trucks with military-themed designs, serving as a perpetual reminder of the commitment to freedom and the drivers' service to our nation. This is a tangible manifestation of the respect and appreciation for veterans deeply embedded within the industry.

Closing Remarks

As we draw the curtains on today's discourse, it's evident that the H.R.2830 bill holds the potential to bridge the chasm between military service and civilian employment, offering veterans an accessible pathway into the trucking industry. This initiative not only benefits veterans but also provides a much-needed remedy for the driver shortage predicament that has gripped the industry.

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