CVSA Brake Safety Week to Address Brake Lining and Pad Violations Across North America

Inspectors to Focus on Ensuring Safer Roads with 10 Essential Tips

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Brakes are one of the most critical safety features in any vehicle, especially in the case of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) that traverse our roads daily, transporting goods and people. To ensure safer roads and prevent potential accidents, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is gearing up for its annual Brake Safety Week, scheduled to take place throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico from August 20 to 26.

Brake Safety Week is a comprehensive inspection campaign that aims to reduce brake-related violations and maintain the highest standards of safety on our highways. This year's emphasis is on brake lining and pad violations, which have been identified as significant contributors to vehicle-related violations and potential accidents.

The CVSA President, Maj. Chris Nordloh from the Texas Department of Public Safety, highlighted the importance of addressing brake lining and pad issues during this year's Brake Safety Week. He stated, "Brake lining and pad issues may result in vehicle violations and could affect a motor carrier's safety rating." These violations can compromise the braking efficiency of CMVs, endangering both the drivers and the public.

During Brake Safety Week 2022, a staggering 38,117 CMV inspections were conducted across North America. Worryingly, 13.3% of the inspected vehicles were taken out of service due to critical brake-related violations. Such figures emphasize the urgency of addressing brake maintenance and inspection to safeguard lives on the roads.

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To support drivers and motor carriers in their efforts to avoid brake lining and pad violations, the CVSA has provided ten crucial tips:

Regular Inspections: Make it a practice to inspect visible portions of brake lining and pads during pre- and post-trip inspections.

Watch for Missing Lining: Look out for grooves in the drum from rivet contact, indicating missing lining.

Check Shoe-to-Drum Clearance: Ensure there is adequate lining on the shoe and no issues with the clearance.

Detect Leaks: Examine the hub and other components for any signs of leaks that may contaminate the lining/pad surface.

No Missing Lining Blocks: Ensure all lining blocks are intact, and none are missing.

Spot Cracks or Voids: Check for visible cracks or voids in the lining block.

Secure Loose Components: Verify that there are no exposed rivets or loose lining blocks on the shoe.

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Pay Attention to Disc Brakes: For vehicles equipped with disc brakes, carefully assess the condition of the rotor, looking out for rust or metal-to-metal contact.

Follow Manufacturer's Guidelines: All brake repairs should strictly adhere to the brake manufacturer's requirements and guidelines.

Report Issues Promptly: If any issues are discovered during inspections, report them in driver vehicle inspection reports and ensure that defective linings/pads are repaired promptly by the motor carrier.

By implementing these tips, drivers and motor carriers can take proactive steps to enhance the safety of their CMVs, contributing to a reduction in brake-related violations during Brake Safety Week.

During this crucial week, law enforcement officers and inspectors will be on high alert, focusing on brake lining and pad violations. Their efforts are not aimed at punishing drivers or motor carriers but rather at fostering a culture of safety and responsibility on our roads.

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As the countdown to Brake Safety Week begins, the CVSA encourages all drivers and motor carriers to prioritize brake maintenance and inspections. Together, we can make our roads safer and prevent avoidable accidents. Let us embrace the opportunity to protect lives and ensure a secure future for the transportation industry.

Remember, safety starts with each one of us. Let's brake for safety during Brake Safety Week 2023! 

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